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18 May 2003 @ 11:25 am
Outside the fog enveloped the landscape moving in slowly like chocolate sauce over ice cream. Across the room I heard Rupert mutter “Infernal Machine,” as he fought with the fax machine. It was nice to stay in and not have to deal with the council members. I stared out the window and watched the fog dance in on little cat feet.

Suddenly the room was quiet. I turned and ran right into him coffee spilling everywhere. He crooked a brow. “Miss Calendar if you wanted me naked all you have to do is ask.” He gave me a grin. I swear we are both insatiable.

I took a deep breath looking at him through lowered lashes. “Would you take your clothes off?” He took my hand and led me back up stairs. The flat was quiet. The sound of the rain hitting the roof again became our love song.

His hands grabbed the ends of my sweater and he pulled it up over my head. He walked behind me kissing my back slowly. As he kissed me one hand unhooked my bra and it fell swiftly to the floor. He pulled me against him. As he kissed my shoulders his hands moved over my chest, teasing me. Finally, I couldn’t stand it anymore. I turned to face him, my hands moved up over his neck and I kissed him. As my tongue slowly parted his lips moving into the cave of his mouth, his hands undid the button of my jeans. He never missed a beat. He had become a master at undressing me. I stood there naked kissing him. His fingers gently rubbed my back.

I moved back from the embrace to take off his sweater. My fingers traced the scars on his body. I kissed each one. Above us the rain tap-danced on the roof. My nails gently ran over his back bringing tiny chill bumps to the surface. I stood behind him, my arms around him unbuckling his pants. As I kissed his back, my hands began to rove. He sucked in air as I touched him, his body shivered in pleasure. His hands move behind him to rub my sides. His hand grabs my arm pulling me in front of him. His lips move over me slowly driving me up the wall.

I look at him. “Do you trust me?” I say with a smile.

‘With my life love, you know that.” He said so softly.

“Good lie down.” I stare at him.

“Should I be afraid?” I can tell he is excited.

“Well it’s not what you’re going to think.” I laughed and went to the drawer. I picked out two silken scarves. When I turned his eyes got wider.

“You say it’s always about me, and it shouldn’t be.” He started to say something and I stopped him.

I carefully tied the silken scarves around his wrists and to scarves to the bedpost.

“Now, all you have to do is pull on them if you feel uncomfortable. You aren’t stuck.” I wink at him.

“But why?” He looked at me.

“So you can’t touch me,” I smiled.

“You don’t want me to touch you?” He had a frown.

“Always,” I moved in and sucked on his lip. “I just want this to be about you. You can’t enjoy it if you are trying to give me pleasure.” I talk softly.

“But Jenny it does.” He protested.

I lay next to him gently sucking on his lip, and then I moved my tongue inside his mouth playing and teasing. He began to tense against the scarves. I began to kiss down his neck kissing slowing roving over his incredible body. The more I touched him the more I wanted him. My hands moved slowly downward touching him again and his hand moved quickly to my body.

“You are wrong it is always about you.” He smiled. “About us,” I whispered.

“About you.” He covered my mouth with kisses.

Downstairs the fax machine beeped.
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11 May 2003 @ 01:18 am
Mug in hand, I eyed out the window at the rain with a slight bit of contempt. It was the weekend, and it had been pouring for three days straight. We had spent the last few free days reading up a storm, feeding off one another, and simply lounging around. It was heaven.

She walked out into the living room wearing a tight little tank top and pajama pants. I turned and looked at her and had to smile. “Still raining?” she asked.

“Yes, Love. I’m afraid it will never quit.” She shrugged her shoulders and made her way over to me. No matter how dreary the weather, Jenny never seemed to mind. It was almost as if just because it was in England, the weather was beautiful no matter what it was doing. I had to admire the fact that she adores the country so much; or maybe it’s just the strong accents.

She pursed her lips and took the mug out of my hand, setting it on the end table. “Rupert. We haven’t been outside in three days.”

I smirked and kissed her forehead. “This is true.”

“Well?” She put her hands on her hips impatiently.

“What, are you bored, Jenny?”

“No, it’s not that. I could never be bored with you in here. We always can find ways to keep ourselves busy. It’s just, well, …grr.”

“Grr?” I laughed and wrapped my arm around her waist, pulling her so she was up against me. “You’re antsy. I take it you want to go outside and play?” I chidingly asked while playing with the strap of her tank top.

“Well, yes, actually,” she responded while I was kissing the hollow of her neck.

I moved up her neck slowly toward her ear. “Jenny, I was kidding,” I muffled into her skin.

“I’m not.” She was being stubborn.

“Alright, but as much as I enjoy what you’re wearing, I’m not letting you go out like this.”

“Fine.” She scampered off and came back wearing the only truly Americanized item of clothing I owned: a hooded sweatshirt that she had given me the previous Christmas. It hung down practically to her knees. “There!” she declared.

I held open the front door and held out my arm, motioning for her to exit first. I swatted her as she crossed the doorway and she turned around giving me narrow eyes. “Shame on you, Rupert Giles.”

“Uh-huh,” I responded, grinning mischievously.

She ran out into the middle of the front yard and started dancing around. She spun in circles with her arms out. “Come dance with me, England,” she called out.

I followed her out into the pouring rain and found myself quickly trenched. She eagerly pulled at my arms and so I happily obliged, wrapping one around her waist and putting her hand in the other. We danced ourselves right into a puddle the size of the Thames.

“Bloody hell, woman. We’re soaked.” I grumbled in a falsely annoyed manner.

“Oh, like it matters, Rupert. We’re wet anyhow.”

The rain was dripping off of her hair onto her shoulders. A raindrop slipped down her forehead and I moved down to suck it off before it had a chance to slide down her cheek. The taste of the rainwater against her faintly scented skin left me wanting more, so I continued kissing her cheek, lips, and neck. “Jenny,” I sucked on her lip playfully. “One or both of us is going to catch a cold.”

We were still standing in the puddle. “Well, I guess we’ll have to lie in bed all day each day until we’ve recovered then,” she responded before reaching to my neck. She pulled me down to her and I unnervingly lost any will power or common sense I had left. We stood their passionately consuming each other in the front yard for a great length of time. Even though it was after dark, the street light illuminating the yards of the surrounding houses. The way we show our affection in public, the neighbors must think we’re…what’s the term? Oh yes, nymphos. Well in a way, I suppose we are.

The rain seemed to intensify as we stood there and we both tried looking up. It poured so hard that it seemed to come down in pellets, and so we laughingly ran back together to the safe haven of the warm flat.

She shivered despite the sweatshirt as soon as we had shut the door behind us. “Good Lord, you’re soaked. Hold on, I’ll go get a towel.” I kissed her quickly on the lips and turned to go get the towels.

“Rupert, you’re just as wet as I am!” She called after me. I started to chuckle. “What are you laughing at?”

“Think about what you just said, Jenny,” I called out from the other room. I brought her back the biggest, whitest, fluffiest towels we owned. By then she had already stripped down to the now soaking tank top and her underwear.

“Thank you, England.” She smiled. Suddenly she stopped and looked me over thoughtfully.

“What?” I suddenly asked self-conscience.

“Nothing,” she started chuckling to herself.

“What is it, Jenny?”

“Really, nothing,” she replied as her laughing increased.

”Woman!” I said sternly.

“Well, it’s just…” she covered her mouth with her hand to stifle the giggles. I glared. “Well, it’s just that you look somewhat hysterical standing there looking like a drowned rat in your proper clothes. It’s silly.”

I looked down over my wet clothes. I shifted onto each foot and my shoes made squishy sounds. I smiled.

Jenny calmed down and I helped her pull the tank top over her head. I wrapped the towel around her and rubbed furiously to make her warm. Her long, slender legs glowed under the whiteness and I couldn’t help but become distracted. Water was still dripping off of her soaked hair and onto her shoulders.

She caught me looking at her legs and gave me a look. “Your turn, Rupert.” She unbuttoned my shirt and pulled my arms out of it, tossing it onto the floor. I stepped out of my pants after she had undone them and they had dropped to the floor. Wrapping the towel around me she declared, “How come we don’t become nudists?”

“Because we’re too used to suddenly being called away from what we’re doing to battle demons, that’s why. Oh, and because random people such as the likes of Olivia and Lara show up unannounced.”

“Olivia…” Jenny wrinkled her nose.

“Jenny, you have nothing to worry about. I have no interest in that ninny woman whatsoever.”

“Better not,” she said possessively. “Come on, let’s go take a bath.”

She grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the bathroom, but we didn’t make it that far. I gave up and stopped at the end of the hall and wouldn’t budge. She turned to question why I had stopped until I eyed her and she caught on.

“Okay,” she smiled seductively. She released her other hand and the towel dropped to the floor. I moved to pin her against the wall, pushing against her and finding her mouth. She responded eagerly to my kisses and teasingly ran her smooth leg up against mine.

“Rupert, we’re animals,” she amusingly declared as she pulled away for a moment.

“The hell if I care,” I mumbled before going back to kissing her. She snickered and tugged at my towel. I let it drop to the floor, leaving nothing between us. Jumping her against the wall in the hall was new, but not outrageous. The photos and few pieces of art shook with the wall when we hit it. Jenny’s legs were wrapped around my waist as we forcefully collided with the wall.

“Why is it I always have this intense urge to be all over you, Jenny?” I asked after we had finished and I had put my hand above her against the wall and leaned forward to support myself. We were short of breath and wet from our own sweat now, not just the rain.

“The feeling’s mutual, Rupert.” Her wide eyes danced with mine.

“Shall we?”

“We shall.” She took my hand and we finished making our way to the bathroom, leaving our first pair of wet towels on the hall floor.

As the steamy water filled the tub, I traced her back with my fingers, running them lightly down it. She shivered and turned to steal a kiss. After the tub had filled, we slipped in and lay quietly. I wrapped my legs around her and leaned against the wall. She rested snugly with her head against my chest. It was absolutely serene as we listened to the rain continue to spatter down onto the ceiling. I’m surprised we both didn’t fall asleep while in there.

When the water had cooled, our fingers had become wrinkly, and the bubbles had all but disappeared, we got out and dried each other off. We were both sleepy and walked hand in hand to the bedroom, slipping into bed the way we were, naked but clean. With my arms possessively around her, I quickly fell into a long, hard sleep after waiting to hear her breaths lengthen into long, peaceful ones of slumber.
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05 May 2003 @ 02:59 am
I leaned back against the leather. Surprisingly the cab smelled new. Rupert put his arm around me pulling me to him.

He gave me a look that stopped my heart and I wanted him then and there. He must have read my mind he gently pulled me into his lap. I heard the driver laugh, but it seemed miles away. He touches me and he’s all I think about.

His hand went to my knee just resting there possessively. His lips pressed against mine sweetly. Suddenly we were making out in the cab. A bump in the road brought us back and he realized where we were. He pulled back and I looked at him through lowered lashes.

He moved his lips to my ear, “Bloody hell do you know what you do to me?” He said and then he bit my neck in this I want you now that made me swallow and tear up in anticipation.

“The same thing you do to me,” I said debating on all the things I could do him.

He moved us, quickly and masterfully so that his back was all the cab driver would see. Like a blanket he kept me from the prying eyes of the driver.

My hand moved up and down the sleeve of his tweed jacket. My fingers moved over the fabric the feel of the tweed excited me more. It was his tweed and I knew what it held underneath.

“You are my obsession my magnificent dark-eyed obsession.” His eyes were fixed on mine. His hand moved up my leg, as a grin spread across his face.

“I’m feeling rather Rippersish, my beautiful gypsy girl,” I had to close my eyes and breath. My eyes popped up. “Rupert,” I halfway got out.

He smirked a brow, “Paybacks are hell,” I laughed as I moved into my captive prey on the backseat. His hand gently stroked my thigh.

“This is so not fair,” I protested. I had to bite my lip.

“All is fair in love and war,” he whispered as he moved his tongue over my lips.

“This is war?” I looked at him. “No Jenny, it’s love. Lust right this second, but the more I have you the more I want you crave you,” I had to suck in air at that moment as I shuddered.

“Okay mister,” I croaked on the words. I grabbed him pulling him toward me. “Turn about is fair play.”

This time he was started to swallow.

“Jenny,” He said huskily, giving me the eye. We were both breathing heavily.

I loved to hear him say my name. I was so glad he never called me Jen.

The moment I touched him he kissed me and started down my neck my chest heaved against him.

“Ere mate,” the cabby said with a chuckle.

I gave him a look and kissed him as we retrieved our hands. Rupert paid the cabby and we were out of the cab. The kissing was slow and sweet as we walked up the path to the door. I put my hand in his pocket retrieving his keys. His body pushed mine up against the door; his tongue parted my lips I took this frequent visitor sucking slowly as my hand moved to his neck to pull him closer to me.

“Sorry love,” he said gently as he pulled away from me.

“For?” I looked at him.

“I’m not hungry for food. I’m taking you to bed Jenny Calendar.” He pushed against me again knocking me up against the door making the doorbell ring.

We both died laughing.

We stepped in the flat to the aroma of roast beef and vegetables. On the sofa table was a note from Lara. “Seems you are a hit, love.” He began to nibble on my ear as I read the note. From my ear he began to kiss down the side of my throat.

“Rupert, I need to check on it we will want it later.” I said as he unbuttoned my first button.

“Breakfast, Jenny we will eat it for breakfast. I’ve had to share you all day. I plan to love you all night.” His fingers ran from my cheek down to the top of my shirt.

“Go,” I pushed him away. I walked into the kitchen and he followed. Bless her she’d put everything away so we could have it whenever we wanted.

“Jenny,” he said turning me around to face him. He took off his jacket and put it over a chair.

“Yes, Rupert?” I smiled I felt like I could read his mind.

“Sometimes you need to erm … well just shag,” he began.

“Shhhh,” I put my finger to his lips. “Take me now.” I could see his body trembling I knew he would take me more than once.

“My apologies if you are fond of this outfit,” he said and then ripped it off of me buttons went flying everywhere.

His body tensed as he saw in the black undergarments. His lips went to my chest kissing around my bra straps as his hands went around my waist picking me up. I moved my legs to his waist as he started to put me on the counter. His hands began to stroke my legs.

At that minute the doorbell rang. I closed my eyes wishing our visitor away.

“If it’s Lara she’s dead.” He opened a drawer and grabbed some scissors and cut my underwear off.

“Ripper?” came the voice.

“Damn it to hell,” he sighed. “I forgot to lock the door.” He moved to intercept our visitor. I grabbed his jacket. It swallowed me hole.

I could hear the voices low. Both her laughter and perfume made it’s way to the kitchen. Now I was beginning to have a serious dislike for this woman.

I walked into the room and Olivia was kissing Rupert. He so did not want to be in the kiss. I could tell it was hard for him considering his current condition. He pulled away from her and her roving hands.

About that time he noticed me standing there. His look went from fear, being caught in the act of kissing another woman to appreciation of my new tweed look. He could tell I was pissed but he didn’t understand why. It was so hard to contain my desire for him.

“Erm, Olivia you know my Jenny.” I couldn’t help but smile a bit at the words my Jenny. “Olivia would you like something to drink?” I looked at Rupert.

“No, she was just going,” he said quickly. Then the vixen in me reared her ugly little head.

I stepped in, “Hello Olivia we were just about to eat … dinner.” Then I leaned in close to him. His arm automatically went around my waist. I tickled his ear with my tongue. “I’m ready to eat now.” My lips sucked on his earlobe.

“Nice to see you Olivia.” I felt sorry for the girl. I knew what it was like to want this man.

I walked past them up the stairs to the bedroom.

It wasn't long until I heard a thump and Olivia raised her voice. “Dump me love for that ho you’ve got to be kidding?” I heard her protest. I figured she had tried the lap trick and he stood up on her. It would explain the falling on her ass comment she made. I wondered if he’d pulled other girls in his lap like he did me.

I shook my head it didn’t matter because I was the girl who would be the only one occupying his lap from down on.

I heard the door slam and Rupert mutter something.

I got out of the bed and stood up waiting for him to walk in the door.

He opened the bedroom door slowly as if he were worried about the fallout. His face changed as he saw me standing there naked.

“Make love to me Rupert,” I moved by body in close as my hands went to both shoulders. I slipped my fingers under his suspenders. This time I had the upper hand and I knew it.

“Before we leave the bed, we are going to finish our conversation from last night.” I said looking his straight in the eye. Okay I have to admit having Olivia there was a little scary. I needed reassurances about us. Stupid I know, but I couldn't help it. I was pushing him I knew but hell he brought it up and he knew exactly what he was doing. I wasn’t sure what I wanted him to say, but I needed to hear it whatever it was.

“You want me to talk when you look so good?” He said as I slipped the suspenders down his arms. He slipped his arms out of them. “When you,” he leaned in and smelled my neck, “smell so delicious, or when you,” his lips moved to my shoulder, “taste so good.”

Slowly I backed up and lay on the bed so he’d have to look at me. “We have all night,” I crooked my finger and he lounged toward me. I couldn’t help but laugh.

His kisses burned my flesh in wanting as he moved over my body. Once again he surprised me by this seduction. He knew that after Olivia I needed to be treasured loved. He stood and took off his clothes throwing his shirt on my face. I threw it back at him and he threw it on the floor.

Seeing him naked made me squirm. I wonder if he knew what he did to me? He took a step forward knelt down and kissed the top of my right foot. His left hand moved to my left foot as his hand moved up my left leg as his lips moved up my right leg.

Once his head was close enough my hand began to move through his hair. I licked my lips as explored this territory he had laid claim as his.

The lips continued their Northward climb while his hand stroked my thigh and then my stomach. I closed my eyes waiting he wouldn’t drive me crazy until his lips were on mine.

He slowed down as his lips moved over my well-toned stomach. My muscles tightened at each kiss. His hands moved upward to the mountains now taunt. I guess most men are breast men. Rupert loved my entire body but for this moment he was infatuated with them. His gentle kisses became more demanding.

I tightened my fingers in his hair. His tongue began to trace the hollow of my neck over and around. I began to move next him slowly as he played my body like a fine instrument.

As his lips moved to my cheek his left hand moved to my other cheek and he looked me in the eye.

“I love you Jenny Calendar with every fiber of my being,” he kissed my cheek as one tear fell. It took it with his finger.

“What’s wrong love?” he said so softly.

“Nothing. I’m just happy.” I said just as softly. Every nerve in my body was on fire with want for him.

His hand moved from my cheek downward his fingers moving over my skin as they traveled downward. At the same time he touched me he kissed me. I moved under him. He laughed softly as I shuddered.

I moved my tongue into his mouth so he’d know what I wanted.

He pulled back. “This is about you Jenny, it’s always about you.” I rolled my eyes; I’m about to explode … since the damn cab ride."

I pulled his lips down again my tongue seeking entry. His body moved to protect me.

“I need you,” I whispered my hands moved over his chest. He took my hand in his and kissed it then placed his hand on the bed next to me.

I placed my hand on his heart as my legs wrapped around him. He slowly entered me as he gave me his tongue. We both moaned at the same time. We’d been too long with out each other. We moved together in perfect harmony.

Slowly I felt the wave from somewhere deep inside. He took his hands lifting and moving me slightly. I had to scream his name. He knew my body so well. He smiled as my back arched. He rolled us over so he could kiss my body. Wave after wave passed over me, my eyes closing.

I felt his body tense as the pleasure filled his body.

I was in that moment of insanity, where I was somewhere else where my body was his totally.

As we lay in the after glow declaring our love for each other sweat lightly covering our bodies he began to kiss me again.

He stopped and looked at me. “Jenny do you ever tire of this love?” He was fidgeting and nervous. I look at him moving against him. “Never, Rupert, never,” then I kissed him. He knew I wanted him when I nibbled his ear. So I nibbled his ear. I was going to have my way with him all night long.

“God you are beautiful,” he wrapped his arms around me pulling him to me.
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21 April 2003 @ 03:04 am
“You can’t just leave off a conversation like that!”

He turned on his side to face me. “Yes I can. Goodnight, Love.”

“Rupert!”But he drifted on to sleep. I didn't have the heart to wake him up after all I'd kept him up for hours having my way with him.

Doesn’t he know you don’t do that to a girl? Start the entire where do you want to go speech and then go off to sleep. Like I can even sleep now. Where do you want to go? I don’t know if I want children. Well in a way I do, but having him like this I don’t want to give that up. I had to smile. He had something up his sleeve, even if it was just to make me squirm. Well he accomplished it all right.

I lay next him and as usual he pulled me close to him. I’d always imagined it would be difficult sleeping with someone all the time. I’d always been a bed hog, but this was different we fit in everyway. I loved having his arms around me protecting me, owning me.

I didn’t want to go back to Sunnydale I wanted to stay here with him. Whether I had his children or not I wanted to practice.

I lay there listening to his breathing his body entwined around mine. Times like this when one can’t tell where he ends and I begin well those were the times that let me know how perfect we are together.

I replayed our dinner conversation. I wondered if his questions had anything to do with Laura. Surely he wasn’t interested in her. But that was just a fleeting thought. My eyes begin to close and I dreamed of the zoo.

I slept fitfully his words on the forefront of my mind. I woke early unable to really rest. For once in my life I couldn’t read Rupert and that scared me. What if he wants to break up? Isn’t this how people do it? His words droned though my tired brain. Hell what does one say after a night of lovemaking? I sighed trying to get my thoughts together. This was just stupid silly doubt flooding in trying to ruin things. He certainly didn’t have to bring me along he could have had Olivia. I kept telling myself I was more than a good lay.

I got up and washed my face, splashing the cool water on my face. Rupert isn’t one to say I love you, I mean that’s not something he bandied about. I doubt he’d told many women he loved them.

I walked down stairs and cleaned up the kitchen from the dinner. Lara’s perfume still hung in the air. I was so glad she’d fallen for his brother. I was proud I’d learned where everything went. This was truly beginning to feel like home.

I brewed fresh coffee. The aroma taunted my nostrils enticing me waking my lazy brain cells. I poured the coffee into the pot made a tray and took it upstairs. My love was still sleeping, so I sat the tray close so when he awoke it would see it.

I moved into the bath and drew a hot tub. I lay relaxing pampering myself until the water turned cold. I’d taken his crimson robe for myself. It was much too big but it had this affect on Rupert that well, I liked to have an affect on him.

I dried my hair and applied my makeup. I studied myself in the mirror. Not bad for a woman my age. What would I do when he found out what a catch he was? What would I do when a younger woman went after him?

I opened the door to the steamy bathroom and walked out. He was eating and reading the paper in bed.

“Someone spoils you too much England,” I said and smiled. “Yes she does,” he smirked.

He moved the tray to the table then walked over to me. “You look so much better than me in this,” he said tugging on the sash. One tug too many and it feel to the floor.

“Oops,” he said grinning. The robe parted reveling my naked body. His hands moved to curve of my waist pulling me closer. He never said a word. He began kissing the hollow of my neck while his fingers slowly moved over the curves in my body. He made me want him. He spent the next half hour driving me up the wall. I stood in his arms as he worked his magic. Finally he allowed the robe to fall to the floor. Then he said what every girl wants to hear.

“Jenny, you’d better get ready or we’ll be late.” His finger touched the tip of my nose. However his heavy breathing gave him away. He may have won the battle but I knew I’d win the war.

I went to the closet to find just the right outfit to impress the council and teach Rupert a lesson or three! I chose all leather. A black leather halter-top and over jacket and an a-line black skirt and of course black heels. Might as well give them their stereotypical gypsy right?

I walked out in my black corset, garters and heels with the leather draped over my arm. Rupert had showered and changed in the time it took me to choose an outfit. I walked over to him and placed my clothes on the bed. I walked up and pulled his necktie tighter.

I could see his face flush as he looked at me. I eyed him and moved to the couch and slowly pulled on the long skirt. I’d learned along time ago that less is more. I walked back to him. “Zip me please?” I said as I backed in close. He expertly zipped the shirt, his fingers touching the corset. I heard the catch in his breath as his skin touched the fabric. Next I put on the halter-top and moved for him to zip me. Now I had the upper hand.

I turned to look at him. “Does this make me look fat?” I looked at him pouting.

“No…No… you look … well that wouldn’t be my first choice to wear to meet the council members you might want something, how shall I phrase this a little more sedate.” "No you would look rather silly in this England." I smiled as he rolled his eyes.

“Well I was going for provocative Rupert.” I smiled shyly. “Well you certainly do look erm provocative Jenny. But is that what...” He moved his finger around his collar to loosen it. “Is that how you want to come across? Damn it woman you are only suppose to look provocative for me.” He said blushing.

“This is just the stereotypical gypsy garb England. You know as Cher sang … ‘Gypsies, tramps and thieves.’ But,” I said touching my finger on his nose, “it is for you. Don’t you think they will realize I belong to you?” “Do you Jenny, belong to me?” He asked earnestly. “Heart and soul Rupert.” I kissed him passionately, my tongue moving in for the kill.

Just as he had done, I pulled away and he stumbled forward. “We have to go England or we will be late.”

I think I heard him mutter under his breath.

The ride to the council took us by many historic sights, but I missed them all. I sat on his lap kissing him driving him up the wall just as he had done to me. My hands moved along his body.

Rupert paid the cabbie. “Honeymoon?” The cabbie asked. “Goodness no,” I interjected, “we just met.” “Jenny,” Rupert chastised as we walked up the pathway to the heavy wooden doors.

As we walked I tried to imagine what Rupert’s life here must have been like.

As we approached, the doors were opened and Rupert was greeted with a series of greetings. Many of his comrades were there to say hello. My arm held onto his. He got many a pat on the back and I knew exactly what that meant.

They took us into a small conference room. A young frightened girl served us tea and scones. It wasn’t long until Quentin Travers came in and welcomed us and briefed us on our day. We sat at the table listening to his welcome speech. I wrapped my leg around Ruperts and my hand played with his thigh. He glared at me and I just grinned at him.

After about fifteen minutes, a young man came into the room. “Miss Calendar, Mr. Giles I’m Jon-Claude. I’m here to test Miss Calendar’s abilities. Miss Calendar if you will follow me.” He said looking me over.

I stood up and stroked Rupert’s check with my finger and then followed Jon-Claude. I don’t know how many hours I spent undergoing their tests. I noticed Jon-Claude staring many times.

When I finished my tests I went to se Mr. Travers.

“They tell me you are a natural witch, Miss Calendar.” He looked at me trying to intimidate me.

“Well, I could have told you that,” I smiled at him. I don’t think I like Mr. Quentin Travers he seems well slimy.

“In fact, you could be one of the most talented witches we’ve had at the Watcher’s Council in sometime now.” He said folding his hands on the table.

“Yes, I gathered that, even more than Jon-Claude.” I gazed back at him. “You knew about Jon-Claude?” He asked amazed.

“There are so many things you tests don’t reveal, Mr. Travers. You should be careful whom you let in here. It could prove dangerous for you.” I smiled but didn’t take the tea he offered.

“We have a project you and Jon would be perfect for my dear. I think it would be right up your alley.” He patted my hand as he talked.

“Not interested.” I said watching him.

“Don’t get me wrong, Rupert Giles will be a wonderful asset and it was our intention all along until …” I stopped him in his rambled on, “until you realized my … potential?” I glared at him.

“I will do whatever Rupert wants and I can guarantee he wants me with him.” I hissed at him.

“I can understand Miss Calendar, but you are a distraction to him. You could cause him to get hurt. We fell it’s in his best interest that you two part. You could make it believable.” Quentin grinned.

“Yes, I could but I won’t. You see I love Rupert Giles.” “Precisely, Miss Calendar that’s why you don’t want to see him hurt.” He was like a little rodent.

“He and I had this conversation early on in our relationship. Not that it is any of your damn business. We are both in love with each other and there is nothing you can do or say that will make a difference.” I said my voice rising.

“Are you so sure Miss Calendar?” He leaned in looking at me.

Funny thing was I was totally sure. “Yes, I am.” I was beginning to lose my temper and that wasn’t good.

“What if I were to tell you that…” I stopped him. “It doesn’t matter what you say, I know his heart.” I said honestly.

“I’ll work with Rupert, or I won’t work for you at all.” I glared once again.

“Now may I see him?” I asked.

“He’s still got a few more people to speak with. He should be finished in a few hours. Wouldn’t you like to …” “No, I interrupted him. “I think I’ve seen enough.”

I walked out and to the front desk and left a message for Rupert just in case they were lying.

I made my way to the zoo and to the cat cages.

There he was looking at me.

“I’m glad you came.” He said through a long growl.

The stench of the zoo was almost more than I could bare. I made a mental note to give a large donation to the zoo.

The cat moved slowly pacing around the cage his large eyes taking me in with every gaze.

“So, how did you recognize me?” I asked the big cat as he paced.

In the distance the monkeys howled at something.

“You are a Kalderash are you not?” He eyed me. “Why is that important?” I quizzed the cat.

“Your clan cursed me woman. So a Kalderash must release me.” He whimpered.

I looked into his eyes. There was something not quite right. Tell me the name and the curse.

He took his time telling his story. “I understand,” I told the cat.

“So you’ll help me?” His tail began to move excitedly.

“No, not until you tell me the truth.” I glared back at him.

“I am telling the truth, please believe me.” He begged crying.

“She was my grandmother,” I said as I turned and left.

“But Janna, don’t you … remember me?” I turned at looked back into those great big eyes.

“You,” I said with distaste. “I should have known.” I shook my head.

I turned again and walked away. I could hear him calling in the distance. I had quite a bit to think about it.

I stopped in the zoo office and gave a generous contribution to the zoo. I told them to name the exhibit they created the Rosenberg exhibit. It was good to have money. I never had to work if I didn’t want to.

I made my way back to Council headquarters. I sat in the lobby and read a magazine. Before long Jon-Claude came up to me.

“He’s almost through, should be long now.” He said with a grin. His French accent was extremely charming too bad he wasn’t as charming as his accent.

“Here is my number if you need it for anything. Feel free to call me day or night.” He said with a wicked grin.

About that time Rupert walked up. He looked at me.

“How did it go love?” He said smiling. Evidently his day was very rewarding. I couldn’t spoil it for him.

“It was okay I guess it was just hard to get them to understand I either worked for you or didn’t work at all. They had some things they wanted me to do freelance.” I said trying to play it off.

“And this Jon-Claude chap?” He looked at my face. “Yeah he hit on me several times.” I sighed.

“The birke,” he said. I wanted to laugh but I didn’t feel like it. I just wanted to be in his arms.

“Although I don’t blame him Jenny, you are so …” I put my hands to his lips to stop him.

“So you said you would work with me?” He asked as he moved some hair behind my ear.

“Well I said under you but that’s the same difference.” I smiled timidly.

“Yes, Jenny that is where you do your best work.” He said grinning.

“Do I now? Yes under you. What works for me,” I laughed.

“Yes, well me too, love.” He said and kissed the top of my head.

He was finally able to hail a taxi.

“Where too love?” He asked as the taxi sped away.

“Home.” I said wearily.

“Sunnydale?” He asked confused. “Sunnydale has never been my home Rupert. My home is here with you.” I looked at him.

He titled my chin with his finger and kissed me lightly.

I curled up in his arms as the taxi sped its way to the flat

He thought I’d forgotten last night’s conversation. But I hadn’t. I was just waiting for the right time to bring it back up.
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20 April 2003 @ 10:49 pm

“Hmm?” She absentmindedly responded while playing with my hair. She was sitting up against the headboard and I had my head lying in her lap.

“What do you want to do about the future?”

She opened her eyes and gave my hair a tug, looking down. “What’s that, Rupert Giles?”

“Well, what do you want to do? Where do you want to go? Us…”

“Don’t scare me like that. I thought you were going to tell me that my time was up and that you were sending me back.” She stuck out her tongue.

“I already tried. They don’t do returns.” I grinned. She pinched.

“Ouch! Hey, I was kidding. But seriously, do you want to stay here? Do you want to go back?”

“You know I want to spend forever with you, Rupert.”

“I love you, Jenny.” I smiled up at her and she closed her eyes leaning back again.

“Well, what do you want to know then?”

“What you see us doing, going, …”

“I don’t know. I guess I picture it differently every day.”


That provoked a response. She opened her eyes and moved her head off of the headboard. “What? Where did this thought come from?” I started tracing the outlines of her fingers.

“I don’t know…” I really didn’t.

“Well, what about you. Do you want children, England?” She was playing unfair and reversing the roles laid out for these tough questions.

I sat up from her lap and faced her. “Hmm?” I asked, giving her a small grin.

“Answer the question, you silly Brit.”

I cupped her face with my hands. “Only if they’re yours.”

I kissed her lightly and then moved to get under the covers, turning off the light while I was at it. She just stared.

“Rupert, what are you doing?”

“Getting ready to try and sleep for a good two hours before we need to get up to go see the council, Jenny.”

“You can’t just leave off a conversation like that!” she exclaimed at me.

I turned on my side to face her. “Yes I can. Goodnight, Love.”

17 April 2003 @ 04:06 pm
I was in a sensory overload lost somewhere between intense pleasure and insane laughter. The heavy wooden door took the onslaught of my back standing firm yet it made a thumping sound as my back repeatedly hit up against. The lone sound in the flat was so absurdly wrong it brought me to giggles.

Rupert rolled his eyes kissing me to quiet me at first gently then more passionately his tongue parted my lips seeking entry. His hand moved to my leg stroking it gently.

An ardent demanding lover at times, while other times he was gentle and others the adventurer.

His lips moved slowly across my skin. I leaned my head back closing my eyes. I bit my lip to keep from screaming his name aloud instead I took it inward burning his name on my soul. I tightened my legs around his waist as he whispered my name.

I’d known he was strong but I’d never known just how strong. He leaned against me his head on my shoulder and the door. I made an effort to unwrap my legs but he held them there. My fingers ran through his hair slowly.

Finally he let so I could support my own weight. His hands moved to my waist moving me slowly.

“So love, what do you think of Lara?” He asked watching my face.

“I think she was wrong.” I arched my eyebrow.

“Wrong?” He asked confused.

“I have the dreamy brother.” I said kissing his neck.

“Are you so sure?” He said his fingers moving up and down my sides.

“Should I be jealous?” I asked lowering my eyes knowing his reaction.

“Jenny after all of this how can you honestly believe that I harbor feelings for Lara. Yes I did once but that was before I knew you. Jenny you taught my heart to sing.” He said honestly.

“England how I can make you squirm after you say something like that?” I look into those eyes of his.

“Oh, I’m sure you can think of something.” He swallowed hard.

“Yes, I guess I can,” I said rubbing his chest pushing him forward.

“Some libation? I think I’d like to see you drunk Jenny. Or do you, get drunk?” He said his fingers moving to mine pulling me to the kitchen.

“Ripper wants to see Jenny drunk?” I winked as I looked at him.

He set our glasses down leaving them on the table and grabbed a bottle and opened it.

“The kitchen Rupert,” I began. “Leave it love.” He said and picked me up throwing me over his shoulder. He bounded up the stairs like a teenager.

“England I’ll admit your arms are a preferred mode of transportation but … my stomach against your shoulder … not the best idea on a full stomach.” He put me down easily.

“Are you alright?” He looked concerned. “Fine, just a bumpy ride.” I laughed.

He turned me around to face the bed. There were rose petals on the sheets and candles beside the bed. He took a match to light them and I stopped him. I leaned in pursed my lips and blew. A small glow flickered at the base of the wick.

I tried again and all the candles lit at once.

He laughed uncomfortably. I looked at him and stroked his cheek. “Those are my only real secrets, England.”

Outside a storm was brewing, while inside a different type of storm was beginning.

He pulled me down with him on the bed, the rose petals silently lofted into the air. Some of them landed on me while others gracefully made their way to the floor.

I propped on an elbow tracing his tattoo with my nail. The hair on his arm stood on end.

In so many ways this was like a fairy tale or imaginings of one’s pen to paper. His very touch drove me to desire, the nearness of him. Great loves like this weren’t real, yet there he was watching me.

Outside the thunder rolled and the lightening lit up the room giving it an eerie glow. My fingers moved across his chest.

“A penny for your thoughts, love.” He said as his fingers moved through my hair.

“I was just thinking about you England.” I said blushing lowering my head.

His finger went to my chin lifting it. I reached across him to the bottle on the nightstand. Next to it was a new small sketch of me. My finger traced it and I smiled, and then grabbed the bottle. He grunted as I shifted my weight various times as I drank from the bottle.

He took it from me, “Is there something wrong Jenny?” He asked and then took a swig.

I took a deep breath and sat up. “I don’t know how to tell you this.”

He took another drink then sat up moving closer to me. The lightening lit up the room shadows danced across his worried face.

He began to move his fingers along my neck making it difficult to concentrate.

“It just that…” I began biting my lip. “Just that what woman?” His mind had taken a mental leap in the wrong direction.

“I’m scared …” “Of what?” He demanded cutting me off.

“This feeling it’s so intense so consuming I love you with everything I am.” His now tense body relaxed.

“You are all I think about all I want … all I need. In fact all I can think about right now is making love to you again. England it’s different with you. God how I can I explain this? I’ve never been a very affectionate person outside of the act itself. But I find that I need to be connected to you to be touching you it’s as if …” I stumble for the words.

“It’s as if …” He pulls me down onto the bed his arms around me. I lay my head on his chest one of his hands takes mine playing with my fingers as we talk softly.

Outside the storm increases in intensity but neither of us pays any attention.

“It’s as if part of me is in you. That sounds so stupid.” I shake my head. It’s all coming out wrong

“I know.” He sighs sitting up getting the bottle to take a sip and then offers it to me the warm liquid warming my throat. He moved in to lick the remaining sweet liquid off my lips. I giggled. His lips brushed mine as he moved against the headboard.

The rain began to pelt against the window. I moved against him. I grabbed a few rose petals and released them above his chest. They spiraled down seductively landing sensually on him. I placed my finger on one moving it around his chest.

“Jenny, I’ve been meaning to ask you something. I know this isn’t the right time but I’m not sure how to broach the subject.” He began. I grinned. Sometimes I knew him so well.

“Yes,” I answered.

“It’s just that …” He fumbled for his words.

“I’ll go with you tomorrow England. I said yes.” I had to suppress my laughter. He wasn’t paying attention to me.

“I know you said you didn’t want to be involved,” He was searching for the right argument.

“The Council … you’ll go?” He said astonished.

“I don’t want to be away from you either, England. Besides I need to know what you are getting us into. Besides I want to check out the other hot watchers. I have a thing for watchers.” I said licking my lips.

This time he didn’t bite. “Do you now, have a thing for watchers?” He grinned.

I thought for a moment. “No, I don’t.” I sighed.

“You don’t?” His voice remained calm but his body gave him away.

“Just one. I’m hopeless in love him. You might know him.” I moved to kiss his neck.

He laughed. “Are you now?”

“Yes, I am.” I sighed happily. His hands began to move across my back in that I want you way.

“Jenny, does it ever bother you,” He cleared his throat.

“No,” my heart began to beat faster. The lightening kissed the earth with fiery kisses. I knew how she felt he lit the same fires within me.

“Don’t you know, I can never get enough of you in anything,” I move in to kiss him my lips almost touching him, “ever.” I say huskily. “You are stuck with me mister, forever.” I bite my lip.

“Stuck with you?” He arched a brow. This time he was making be squirm.

“Just forever?” He smiled.

I moved to sit on top of him eying him. “You read me too well.” He pulled me down.

“No, just lucky that you want me too.” I pull away to an upright position.

“You can be so … so frustrating sometimes.” He sits up against the headboard his movement topples me into his chest.

His arms wrap swiftly around me. “Jenny I want you all the time.” He blushes.

I inch up causing him to shiver.

“Rupert, I want you too, all the time.” I move into kiss him. He turns us on the bed so I’m under him.

I move catlike under him wrapping my arms around him.

“So what time tomorrow?” I ask. “Nine, but do we have to talk about that now?”

“Just wanted to know how many hours I have to have my way with you.” I pull him down thinking of all the things I was going to do to him.
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16 April 2003 @ 10:55 pm
Her looks could kill. Well, not in the horrible demonic sense, but in the abrupt, drop-dead-gorgeous sense. If she could see how much I love her… well, I think it would scare her off, to be frank—too intense, too strong, or even too powerful for her liking. But only maybe; I know how she loves power.

The door bell rang, interrupting our delightful sexual roguery in the kitchen. Leave it to Lara to have perfect timing. I groaned and leaned in to give Jenny one last kiss before turning to answer the door. Jenny hovered a few steps behind me, nervous. It was strange seeing her in that state. She tried hiding it but I know her too well and saw right through it. I don’t know why she was so…she had nothing to be nervous about.

I opened the door and was greeted by a smiling, long brown haired, elegantly pretty Lara and her escort on the other side. Seeing her made me grin. “Lar! I’ve missed you!” I leaned in to kiss her cheek and give her a huge.

“Ripper, you’ve been gone from home for far too long,” she responded warmly as she returned my hug. “Did you save room for England’s best port? You better have saved room.”

“Would I have it any other way?” I asked mockingly. Her suitor handed me the bottle of alcohol and offered me his other hand. I took it as Lara introduced him. “Rupert, this is my boyfriend, Devon. We’ve been dating for a couple of months now. Devon, this is my late husband’s brother, Rupert.”

We shook hands and he said nice to meet you. I then turned to introduce Jenny. “Lara, I am very happy to introduce you to my Jenny. She is my magnificent light.” I beamed and reached for Jenny’s hand, squeezing it with my own. Jenny smiled and took a step forward toward Lara.

“Hello Lara. England has told me so many wonderful things about you. It is so nice to finally get to meet you in person.” She smiled with her warm, brilliant smile. I could still see the nervousness, and Lara might have picked up on it slightly, but she didn’t display it. She gave Jenny a hug.

“Well, Jenny. It is great to finally meet the woman who captured our Ripper’s heart. You seem to be as wonderful as he makes you off to be. Come now, let’s leave these boys be and you can tell me all about yourself.” She confidentially took Jenny’s arm within her own and strolled into the flat.

“Won’t you please come in, Devon?” I asked.

He nodded and entered. I closed the door behind him and walked towards the kitchen to open the port. We began having a casual conversation about the country, Bath, and our professions while I kept my eye on the girls where they were sitting on the couch. Their laughter kept filtering into the kitchen, which seemed a good sign to me.

After about 15 minutes of idle chitchat I went into the living room to announce dinner. “I do hope you two are not trading stories…” I began.

“Oh, don’t worry, Rupe. I was just telling Jenny about what a misguided youth you were.” Lara gave me a wicked smirk.

“Oh Lord.” I blushed. “Erm, well, I hope you’re, uh, not stretching the truth too much. At any rate, why don’t you two come into the kitchen when you’re ready and we’ll eat.”

“As I recall, I don’t even need to stretch the truth, Ripper. It’s shocking enough the way it is.” She sauntered past me and took a seat next to Devon.

Jenny followed and gave me a wink, clearly more comfortable. I pulled out a chair for her and waited for her to be seated before I began serving. The conversations continued.

We were well into the second course and third glasses of port when Lara brought up the cycle story.

”Oh! Oh! Jenny, has Rupert ever told you about,” she paused to control her giggles. “His motorbike incident?”

I gave her a look and slipped Jenny’s hand into mine underneath the table. Jenny shook her head no. “Do tell,” she said emphatically.

“Lara, I really don’t think this is necess…”

“Oh shut up, Ripper. You know it’s a good story.”

I groaned and shut up. Jenny wrapped her silky smooth leg around my own, causing me to have to concentrate hard to keep from squirming.

“Well,” Lara began. “Rupert must have been 16 or 17 at the time. He was just getting full-fledged into his really, erm, what’s the American term for it? Oh yes, his really ‘badass’ swing of things.” She stopped to take a sip of port and lay her head on Devon’s shoulder. “At any rate, at the time he was still chasing after me. But I was more interested in his dreamy younger brother, something that drove him absolutely mad. So anyhow, that entire summer he was trying to get my attention away from his brother and onto him. He kept doing the most insane things… like the weekend his parents left when he conned poor little Jack Freends up on the roof with him and they decided that whichever one of them couldn’t out drink the other would have to dive head first off the roof… oh dear, that’s a different story.”

“You know, Lara, I’m sure that Devon and Jenny have heard enough…we could talk about something else now.”

”No!” Jenny interjected. “I want to hear the rest, England.” She leaned over and kissed my cheek.

“Well sunny afternoon the group of us that always hung out together was laying around in the yard bored out of our minds. I began rambling on about how I always wanted to ride a motorcycle and how sexy I thought guys that drove them were. Rupert took my rantings to heart. That evening we were all loitering at the local park, drinking a bit, kissing a bit, and just being troublesome teenagers. Rupe was nowhere to be found.

It was right just after we began noticing his absence when we heard the noise from down the block. So here we are all gawking as this one bright light and loud engine noise comes our way incredibly fast. It’s a bike speeding down the road. It turns into the park parking lot and skids to a stop right in front of me. There on that bike sat Rupert with a cigarette in his mouth and a long, black leather jacket on his back. He gives me this intense look and says in this macho, deep voice. ‘Wanna go for a ride, sugar?’ Everyone starts giggling and ooo and aahing.

‘Where’d you get that bike,’ I ask him. And you know what his response was?”

“Lara…” I protested again.

“Oh no, you’re not interrupting now. He says, ‘I stole it for you, baby. Let’s ride.’”

Lara collapses into a fit of giggles and is joined by Jenny. Even Devon laughed amused. I was a fierce red.

“You think he’s all prim and proper now, but he was an outright scoundrel in his day. It was all of that stupid council destiny shit that warped him.” She gave me a mocking glare.

“Lara…” I eyed her. “What did you want me to do? Tell them that I could care less about apocalypses and the end of the world?”

She didn’t justify me with a response.

The evening continued on and went well. It was sometime after dessert as we sat around drinking a few glasses of wine when I began sliding my hand up Jenny’s smooth leg. It was when I began running it down her inner thigh when she caught her breath and coughed. She kicked my foot but didn’t remove my hand. I was growing impatient. I loved Lara, but they had stayed long enough. I wanted Jenny time.

After about 10 more minutes Lara began catching onto the signals, even while being drunk. She and Devon thanked me for the meal and I rose to see them out. I gave Lara her flowers before they departed and told her that I couldn’t wait to see her again.

It took Jenny less than a moment to have her arms around me after I closed the door. I turned to face her and quickly swiveled the two of us around so that she was the one against the door. I pushed her up against it and started kissing her neck, reaching up to slide her dress straps down off of her shoulders.

There was a sudden sharp tap at the door. It began opening as I still had Jenny against it. I abruptly pulled her away and Lara leaned in. “Forgot my purse,” she said, grinning.

After she had left again, Jenny and I stood looking at each other amused. We burst out laughing at the same time.

Before I knew it, I had her back up against the door again, though this time I made sure to lock it first. Needless to say, the dress did not last long. Come to think of it, neither did my sweater. Or my shirt. Or my pants, for that matter…
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13 April 2003 @ 10:27 pm
Sunday is it the beginning of the week or the end. To me it’s another glorious day to spend with my love. It doesn’t matter how confidant one is sometimes it’s hard to appreciate what is right in front of you.

We’d been in Bath for a week. In many ways it felt like forever and it others it felt like one grain of sand on the great beach of life. When I run my fingers through the sand I feel its warmth. The salty ocean of life saunters in taking with it everything that was yesterday. That’s how I feel. I am his beach and he is my ocean. He makes everything new. Just as the tide runs back to the shore, I know regardless of what happens he will come back to me. I also know that in some other lifetime we were together and we will continue to be together until we get it right.

As much as I know all of this as I feel it within every fiber of my being I still when confronted with the possibilities of meeting his past, I still waver. Olivia that was her name she two was a single grain of sand on his beach. Just one blink of an eye on the celestial clock one blink that I’d rather forget.

It never matters what he says or does in the back of my mind I’ll always wonder if I am good enough for him. When I look at the things I have to offer the gifts I can bring, he deserves so much more than the little I have. Yet I love him with all my being, I have loved him since time began and I will love him until the end of time. What amazes me more than anything is he still wants me, continues to want me to need me.

Now I face the most difficult task of him life, meeting the people he is closest too. I wonder if this Lara will see me for what I truly am and tell him he can do better. Even my heart shakes. No demon has ever been this scary.

I stare ahead watching the light dance across the ceiling. Rainbows of light dart in and around the room as the sunlight streams in through the lamps playfully creating new worlds of wonder everywhere it touches. All of this reminds me of him. The light disappears for an instant the ceiling seems to call to her to come back. Is that how it will be with us? Will someone come along to point out just how ludicrous this relationship is? How much better he could with someone else?

The musty smell funnels up through the floor into my nose. I play with his hair, as he rests comfortably his head on my chest. In my heart I capture this moment forever. Two people in love locked away from the rest of the world.

He moves easily once he feels my hand on his hair. He moves to an elbow watching me. His fingers trace the hollows of my skin making me quiver ever so gently under his touch. I am forever under his spell. We lay there quietly watching each other his fingers drifty slowly around me forever leaving their mark.

“Jenny, I’ve always wanted to do this,” he says lovingly and then breaks out into laughter.

“What?” I ask amused.

Then he gets me - his mouth blowing on my stomach making horrible sounds. He drives me to giggles. I try to move but he decides on having a tickle fest. Before I know it the tears are pouring down my cheeks. My stomach hurts from laughter. I lay there naked before him and I don’t care. He tilts his head and looks at me, his thumb on my cheek wiping away the tears.

“I,” he begins as his mouth covers mine. This time it is his passion that brings me to tears. The floorboards creak under us. His quiet seduction becomes rather a raucous affair yet still he takes me out into our ocean again and again.

“Shameless, simply shameless,” I say to him as I get dressed. It’s only been a few minutes but my body is still flushed.

“Hmmmm?” he says watching me?

“We were probably rabbits in a previous lifetime you know that?” I say with a straight face.

“Mmhmmm,” he moans kissing my neck. “Happy ones.” He sighs as I pull away.

“Why the zoo Jenny?” He asks as we walk out of the flat.

“I thought it was apropos.” I say through my laughter.

“Why is that love?” He says putting one hand around me as we cross the busy intersection.”

“Cause you are such an animal,” I whisper in his ear. He stops and looks at me. “Jenny is that … is that bad?” He watches my face. “No,” I say and kiss him slowly making him want me right there.

“Sometimes you are such a demon!” He says as he nuzzles my neck. “Just a little witch,” I reply nibbling his ear. In the distance I overheard the distain of a woman comparing us to teenagers. I thought back upon my teenage years, they certainly weren’t like this. I’d never before felt this kind of fiery passion. I doubted he had either.

As we approached the zoo the sweet smell of animal dung overwhelmed us. His nose crinkled in protest. “You want to do this Jenny?” He asked in a manner begging for retreat.

“Yes,” I said and winked at him, tugging at his hand.

He laughed as I pet the animals in the petting zoo. Watched in amazement as I ooh and ahhed over everything. “Good Lord, I’m sleeping with a child!” He said teasing me. Immediately an older lady whacked him on the arm.

I moved protectively to him and looked at her. “He was talking about me.” I laughed the tears escaping much too quickly. Rupert rubbed his arm as the woman walked away in a huff.

“You are my woman-child,” he sighed holding me tight.

“You’ve discovered my well kept secret.” I sighed.

I turned to miss one of the many presents the animals left in the petting zoo. I was assaulted by the baby animals wanting the few remnants of food left in my hand like sharks drawn to the kill during a feeding frenzy. I fell to the ground.

“Hey, you can’t kiss that face,” I heard him laugh as he tried to pull me up. One of the smaller lambs made its way to me, slowly licking my face.

“If I had a camera. Willow and Buffy would never believe this,” he said through his fits of laughter.

He helped me up and dusted me off.

We wandered through the seemingly endless gardens of birds. He amazed me with the stories he told.

He pulled me toward the snake pit. “Jenny there is a new very rare…” I stopped him before he could finish. “You check out the snakes, I’ll check out the big cats,” I said pulling away from him.

“Jenny Calendar afraid of snakes? I thought you handled snakes. In fact I remember distinctly your telling me about your summer, saying,” I stopped in midstream.

“I know what I said, Rupert. I just didn’t say I did it. Besides I’m not afraid of snakes, … I am terrified. Meet you later,” I said and was off. Knowing him he’d convince me to go into the snake pit with him. With Rupert, no wasn’t in my vocabulary.

I’d always had a certain affinity with animals they were drawn to me, including the snakes. It was something I’d never understood and didn’t want to understand.

As I walked I heard the laughter of children waft through the air. The smell of popcorn and some British confections tickled my nose. My stomach was churning about the upcoming dinner. The sounds of the children made me wonder what type of dad Rupert would be. I wondered if we would ever have them, we certainly practiced enough. The thought made me smile. Just being with him was unlike anything I’d ever known.

I was lost in thought when he talked up all excited about this one of a kind snake.

“Rupert,” I began.

“Yes Jenny?” He looked down at me, his hand moving a stray strand of hair the wind was playing with.

“Have I told you I missed you?” I looked up at him lovingly.

“Why no, Jenny you haven’t.” He said and smiled.

“Have I told you I don’t want to talk about snakes?” I gave him a look.

“Why no Jenny, all you said was…” he began rambling.

“Rupert,” I said interrupting him.

“Yes?” He asked concerned.

“Shut up,” I said kissing him. As usual we were lost in the kiss totally unaware of our surroundings our bodies urging each other on to passion.

“GET A ROOM,” I heard distinctly.

“Uh?” Rupert said, as he stumbled forward by body no longer supporting his.

“GET A ROOM Tweed boy,” the voice growled.

“Where are you?” I asked confused.

“Right here,” both voices answered in unison. “Not you Rupert, him.” I said trying to determine this phantom voice.

“Who?” He asked.

“First base,” the voice answered.

“First base?” I echoed. “Jenny that wasn’t a very good impression. Abbott and …” again I stopped him this time with a Shhh.

“Didn’t you hear that?” I asked my finger to his lips. Rupert shook his head no.

“Your heard me?” It asked.

“Yes, I heard you.” I answered. “Jenny,” Rupert mumbled through my fingers, “I didn’t say anything.” He looked at me concerned.

“No but I did,” it came from the cage. “I need your help,” he looked at me through those great big beautiful eyes.

This huge White Bengal Tiger stood there talking to me.

I looked into his sad eyes. “We have to go, but I’ll be back.” I said as I started to leave. I turned around and looked at him. “Curse?” I asked.

Rupert was about to protest, when the cat nodded.

“Jenny did you see that?” he said pointing.

“Yes I did, Rupert.” I sighed and took his hand.

“I’ll be back.” I told the great beast. “Not without me you won’t,” Rupert informed me.

“I can cast so you can hear him I think,” I said matter-of-factly.

“That goes without saying Jenny, it is important that I …” he began looking at me.

Rupert was always in the watcher mode, but it was more than that, I understood it. Everything we did put us in danger, granted the danger wasn’t that great each time; but every experience took us that much closer to death.

I didn’t know if the newness of our relationship would wear off, but for now everything was still too precious and the thought of loosing a lover was something both of us refused to contemplate.

My thoughts went to his sister-in-law Lara. She posed more of a threat to me than anything. I knew I’d like her, simply because she cared about Rupert. But inside my stomach was churning.

He had to stop at the local grocer to pick up the last remaining ingredients for dinner. I wondered if there was anything this man of mine couldn’t do.

He was incredibly cheerful on the way back. He stopped for flowers from a street vender. In the midst of all those flowers was the most incredible rose I’d ever seen. He bought the rose with several other flowers some I guessed were for me, some for her and some for the table. Yes I knew him too well. I moved on as he made some more purchases.

He shooed me off to get ready. I was about to get in the shower when he walked in with the rose.

“Jenny will accept my apology?” He asked softly. I felt the petals of a flower on my shoulder. I made a quarter turn and looked at him. He had that rose in his hand. It’s touch was provocative, the silk of the petal stroking the hollow of my neck. I shivered in delight.

He held out the rose to me. “Jenny this is for the one moment today you weren’t in my thoughts.” He looked at me with so much love a single tear rolled down my face.

“Jenny?” He asked and the tears came un-requested unbidden and unwanted. Still the tears came.

“Jenny?” He asked concerned. I was terrified of the evening to come that I would be unmasked for the horrible person I really was. More than that, for the first time, I was head over heels in love with Rupert Giles. It was scary and wonderful at the same time.

“Rupert have you ever been so full … felt so wonderful that you just couldn’t hold things in?” I asked as I lowered my face.

“Yes,” he said so quietly I almost didn’t hear him. But I did hear him. I went on tiptoe to kiss his nose but he moved too quickly. He picked me up kissing me walking forward into the shower.

I cried the entire time he loved me. He was gentle and sweet. I have to admit he is a rather funny sight fully clothed in the shower. Through my laughter and tears he made my body sing in a way only he could.

I think of Lara hadn’t been coming to dinner we would have stayed there until the water turned too cold, but he had things to do.

The aroma of dinner began calling me down. I snuck down in my towel to see what he was wearing. He looked incredible. He’d picked the blue sweater I admired in shop in Sunnydale. God it brought out his eyes. I stood against the door just watching him effortlessly work in the kitchen. He caught me staring and smiled. I turned and walked up the stairs.

“Hurry love,” he called after me.

I dressed quickly, looked in the mirror to check my makeup. My own doubts came flooding in as for now I let all thoughts of the cat drift to the make of my mind.

I walked downstairs and into the waiting arms of the man I loved. His arms moved carefully around me taking me for a dance around the kitchen.

The doorbell bellowed a hello in the midst of our gaiety. I followed him stopping by the settee, my fingers nervously running down the wood inlay. I remember looking up at him. He mouthed ‘I love you Jenny,’ as he opened the door. I couldn’t help but smile. It was that smile that greeted Lara and her date.
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13 April 2003 @ 04:49 pm
The encounter with Olivia at the jazz restaurant was just a tad on the awkward side. Well, okay. More than a tad, but once again Jenny surprised me with her response. It was one of patience and understanding. She didn’t care to know as long as it was in the past. It is. Olivia is a remnant of a different time. Jenny is a living remnant of forever.

Our outing had its drawbacks. I don’t like sharing her with the rest of the world, but we needed to eat and the atmosphere was nice. It reminded me that our free days here were drawing to a close—there was an actual reason other than relishing in her sweet essence for coming, though it now seemed of little importance. Besides, it wasn’t as if we could continue living in Bath going unnoticed. She was too beautiful, I too infatuated, and of course the irritating well-known past to be reminded of.

I awoke on the last Sunday before Monday’s meeting with the council restless. I didn’t like the thought of going back to having duties and responsibilities and not getting to spend every waking second with her. I turned from my side onto my back to stare at the ceiling. She soon turned protectively and laid her head on my chest, wrapping her arms around me while still in a sleepy daze.

“Mmm. Rupert, it’s too early,” she mumbled.

“Sorry, love, I didn’t mean to wake you.”

She snuggled closer and I began stroking her hair as I stared up at the ceiling once again. She dozed for another half an hour before rolling over decidedly. “Rupert, I can’t take this. I know you’re laying here wide awake too stubborn to get up because of me. It’s sweet but unnecessary. Shoo. Get.”

I complied and kissed her forehead before getting up. She turned back over to go back to sleep and I left the room, quietly shutting the door behind me. I wasn’t sure what to do. It was early and I had no motivations to really do anything. Finally I walked downstairs and into the study, looking about. My eyes settled on the desk and I sit down to write a letter to Buffy and Willow. I know that I could just call them, but I think that they’ll probably get more out of a letter and enjoy the mail surprise.

I finished and sealed the letter and remember that we have no stamps. No matter, it’s Sunday and post doesn’t go out anyhow. I get up and wander around once again with no real purpose, just kind of haphazardly trying to figure out what to do. I sit down at the piano and start plucking out an old Bach piece from the days my mum used to force me to take lessons.

“You missed a flat,” she says as she comes up from behind me wrapped in a blanket.

I turn and look at her curiously. “What is this, Ms. Calendar? Something new I don’t know about you?”

“I used to play a lot…” She stares at the piano and wrinkles her nose.
“Show me,” I say, sliding over on the bench to make room.

She sits down and lets the blanket fall from her shoulders. “Don’t make fun,” she says pointedly before flexing her fingers and placing them on the keys. She starts slowly but quickly dives into the same piece I was just playing, only her fingers fly and she adds grace notes and detailed variations. What I had been playing as a monotonous counterpoint tedious changing of chords she had turned into an elaborate and beautiful work of art.

When she finishes I sit amazed. “Wow.” is all I can manage to say.

“Eh, it was nothing.” She brushes off my comment and gets up, whisking out of the study and over into the kitchen.

”Jenny, I didn’t know you could play like that.” I state as I follow her. She opens the refrigerator and pulls out the milk as I turn on the stove to heat up the kettle.

“It’s not really a big deal, England.” She says as she sets the milk down on the table. She walks over and wraps her arms around my neck, standing on her tiptoes wearing only one of my shirts. “Good morning, by the way.”

I lean down to kiss her and she pulls me back in after I start to pull away. Our impassioned kiss lasts for minutes and the kettle starts to scream. Finally I break away from her catching my breath and reaching for the kettle. “Have I ever told you that you taste good?” I ask.

“More than once,” she responds smiling. She pulls two cups mugs out of the cupboard continuing the routine we’ve developed after a mere week of inhabiting the place. How in the world did I stand living here before Jenny?

We sit down—she chooses my lap instead of the spare chair…not that I minded or anything. “Plans for the day?” she asks.

”Well, I have to go to the council tomorrow,” I begin as she makes irresistible groaning noises. I nibble on her ear. “It’s not as if I have much choice in the matter, Jenny.”

”I know,” she pouts.

I laugh and continue. “My sister Lara and her latest Brit fling are coming over for dinner tonight. Your only responsibility will be to enjoy the meal. I’m cooking.”

”Goodie. I get to meet more of the clan.”

”Erm, not exactly. She’s not even really my sister-in-law anymore since my brother died. Besides, she’s dating a new chap every other weekend. Oh well, she’s good to me.”

“She sounds nice. What time are they coming over?” She turns and starts kissing my neck as she playfully digs her feet under and up through my pants.

I cannot help but fidget. “Around six or so. Why?”

She gives me a mischievous grin. “Oh, just trying to figure out how much time that gives me and how to make the best of it.” I smile, sit my cup down, and gently lift her off my lap and onto the floor. “Rupert!” she protests.

Instead of saying anything I stand up to face her. Grabbing her by the waist, I pull her down onto the floor with me. As I start kissing her shoulders and playfully run my hands up her legs, she catches on to my intentions and plays into them. She pulls the shirt off of my back without hesitation and starts kissing my chest, running her fingers down my sides.

My Jenny: she never hesitates.
08 April 2003 @ 02:26 pm
Space can be that area that brings people together or separates them. You can share the same space with someone and not know him or her at all. Likewise space can distance you from someone yet your hearts can share the same space.

So many meanings for such a tiny little word.

By now I would have run for the hills with anyone else, distanced myself barricaded myself away in pleasantries and the usual trappings of relationships. I found myself naked in front of him – not just in the literal sense but the figurative one. My secrets scurried away like little night creatures running from the sunlight. I’d tell him anything.

The power he holds over me is exhilarating, heady and terrifying. I’ve never honestly been in love before. I’m reduced to the sensibilities of a fifteen year old and the rapture of love’s first kiss.

His voice, his touch even his smell sends me into another reality where all I can think about is him. Is this sane or normal? I don’t even care. My understanding of the world as I once knew it has changed. The sunshines brighter the grass grows greener and the air is so much sweeter. All of this sounds so silly. I wonder what he would think if he could read my heart. I would say I’d blush if he could read my heart but I think we are beyond that.

The dark drapes keep the world away. I’d love nothing more than to just to shut myself away with him forever but he would get bored with me.

The heater flips on the gentle whirring sound filters through the house. The rain once quiet is now a deliberate temptress entreating the earth to come out and play. The sounds of their ritual break the solitude of my dream and my brain begins to focus on its soundings. ‘His flat’ I smile in my sleep. I’ve become feline and stretch with the awkwardness of a kitten trapped in a box. Unlike the kitten I am totally satisfied with my box. My arms find escape as I untangle myself turning on my side. My body finds a cold place under the sheet. Before I can retreat once again to warmth, strong arms reach around my waist pulling me to heat him.

Soft lips nuzzle the hollowness of neck as he moves around me protectively. I move one hand to his head and tussle his hair. His lips move to my inner arm while my eyes flicker. I sigh moving even closer to him. For once sleep is a stronger seducer.

The thunder and lightening dance around the sky in a game of cat and mouse. It is difficult to tell where he ends and I begin. The sounds of the storm make him move as if they are connected to his dream world. I move out of the bed and for once he is lost in another world. I peak out of the drapery and it is twilight. The sound of my stomach angrily protesting the lack of food rouses me to action.

My muscles anticipate the heat of the shower as I turn the knobs. Quickly the room fills up with steam. The temptation to draw a heart on the glass is much too great. But sounds from the other room convince me otherwise. I don’t want him to know the little kid sharing his flat with him.

The hot water kisses my body like a lover and I am lost in thought remembering the few short days we’ve had here. How do I tell him I don’t want to go back to Sunnydale? Do I even tell him anything?

I sense his presence before I hear him. The soft click of the bathroom door closing brings a smile to my face. I wait on him, as I know what he will do. As he says water conservation is increasingly important. Why bathe alone when you can bathe with another?

I turn to face him as he enters the shower. I reach up and kiss him on the cheek.

“All yours,” I say trying not to grin as I get out. I hear a distinctive damn under his breathe. I smile to myself as he watches me dry off.

“This time we are going out!” I say matter-of-factly as he watches me dry my thigh. “Oh no, mister.” I laugh and move out of eyesight.

Of course he has an antique hand razor as sharp as any vampire’s tooth. I move in front of him and plop down on the sink, my legs wrapping wound him pulling him close. I grab the razor from the ledge. His eyes widen.

“So you’ve had experience in this … ?” He asks as his hand moves across my newly shaved leg.

“No!” I laugh as I slowly rub the crème between my hands and then slowly and carefully lather his face.

“But …” Shhhh, I stop him. Don’t distract me. I take my index finger moving his chin upward.

“Do you trust me Rupert?” I ask in a playful tone.

He swallows. “Y-Yes.” I try not to laugh the man is scared to death.

I slowly shave him, wiping the gleaming blade on the towel wrapped around his waist. It would be better if I could reach around behind him, but he is too tall. I move his chin again to get his cheeks. I notice him starring at me with those incredible eyes. I keep waiting for him to tell me this has all been a mistake that I should run on home to Sunnydale or Romania.

I inch over so he can rinse his face. I only missed one spot, which he shaves in about a second. Now his attention is fully on me. “Don’t ever do that again.” He says a tad irritated.

“What?” I ask my eyes wide.

“This.” His hands move up and down on my legs. “Do you know how hard it is to concentrate?” He begins to kiss me I wrap my arms around him and he easily lifts me off the counter to the floor.

I move away. “We are going out.”

He gives me this little lost boy look. “Feed me, Rupert!” I push him out the door. I open the window in the bathroom to check the air. The storm is ending and the smell of fresh rain on the evening wind reminds me of home.

I choose a short red number, one he’s never seen before. The dress I chose shows more of my gypsy spirit and will keep his eyes where I want them to focus on me. I pick the higher heels so maybe for once I can kiss him with out having to go on tiptoe.

I grab the wrap and look at myself in the mirror. This should make his heart skip a beat or two. I make a mental note to buy put more red to put in my wardrobe. I certainly don’t look like a schoolteacher now.

I walk down stairs ready for another grand entrance and he’s not there. I sigh. I walk to the window and open the drapes and move the latch. The latch is as stubborn as it’s owner. I am about to resort to another method when it gives and I can open the window and step out on the small landing. The smell of the roses drifts up on the wet wind. The clouds have rolled away and moonlight bathes everything it touches.

This time it is the catching of his breath that alerts me to his presence. I slowly move my head tossing my hair over my shoulder. He doesn’t have to say a word. I can tell by his face that I look like something from a dream. I want him so badly at that moment, but I let my head for once steer my course as I pull him down kissing him.

Like one person we melt into each other. A small moan escapes my throat and we stop our heads leaned on one another. I grab his hand to move off the ledge.

“I’m ready for some jazz.” I say breathlessly. I know if we didn’t go now we never would.

“If you insist.” He says a tad disappointed. “Rupert if we aren’t carefully we’ll die in bed.” I say half serious.

“And that would be bad because?” He asks half serious himself in his best Buffy imitation.

The crispness of the air puts me in a rather brassy mood. He takes my hand swinging it as we walk. He points out different local places of interest pointing with his index finger he moves our hands to his lips and kisses the top of mine. How easily we have drifted into this guise of lovers.

The sounds from the club float over the night inviting weary travelers, jazz connoisseurs and the musically deft alike. His hand moves to the small of my back as he opens the door and the smoke assaults us.

We make our way through the pub into the restaurant into the dining and dancing area. We are met with “Hell – o Rippers.”

He chooses the perfect table in the shadows. He helps me off with my wrap his fingers touching my skin giving me chills. He kisses the base of my neck. I am totally shocked Rupert affectionate in public. He is hooked.

He hands me a menu. I laugh. “You order.”

He scans the menu makes his selections then moves my chair closer to him in a very possessive manner. I look up and see an appreciative glance from two young men at the bar.

“Rupert,” I whisper, “kiss me?” I lean back against his arm giving him a kiss that leaves him breathless. I don’t have to look up at the gentlemen at the bar I know I’ve made my point.

From across the room, I hear a distinctive female, “Ripper!” The sound grates on my nerves. I move to take a drink from my left hand while my right goes possessively to his leg. He says hello with a small jump.

I watch the discourse between them. He hasn’t a clue. I wonder if I should tell him how handsome he is?

“This is my Jenny.” He begins the introductions. Touché for Rupert. Skipped around the entire relationship issue.

Eventually the women wonder off and we are left blissfully alone. We get one dance before our food arrives. Rupert is truly a renaissance man and I have been blessed. At times he takes my hand and plays with my fingers, rubbing his thumb across the lacquer on my nails.

He’d ordered port and a chocolate mousse for dessert. His hand held my fingers, while we took turns feeding each other my head on his chest listening to the melodic sounds of the music. He was beginning to get restless for other things. I hid a smile. I wondered how long he would remain that enamored of me?

“Rupert, I’ve been thinking.” I began not knowing how to broach the subject. I felt his body stiffen and started laughing. I moved to kiss his neck. "Whatever you are thinking it isn’t what I’m thinking."

He laughed. “Pray tell Jenny what is going on in that beautiful head of yours?” I put the spoon down glanced around and then put my finger in the bowl to get the last bit and held it up to him. I winked as his mouth opened and my finger gave him the last of the sweet temptation. His hand held my as he let my finger linger. He gave me a rather lusty grin.

“I’m not really interested in working with the council,” I moved my finger from his mouth as took the snifter to his lips.

“Coffee?” The waiter asked and we both shook our heads no.

“Why J-Jenny? Think of the things we could accomplish. The good we could do the ..” I moved my lips over his.

“I didn’t say I wouldn’t help you. I just don’t want to be associated with the council. My instincts tell me no. As for you, you are stuck.” I began as I noticed the young women admiring him. “You belong to me and I don’t share well.”

“You not share well I never would have imagined.” He began and I kissed him slowly and passionately. “I’m ready to go,” I whispered in his ear when I unwrapped myself from him. Even the waiter was blushing.

Rupert paid the check and held out his hand for me.

“Ripper,” she cooed as she moved up against him. Every alarm in my body went off.

“O-Olivia,” he began turning red.

She leaned into him and I heard her whisper, “Drop the broad, luv. Let’ have some real fun.”

She placed a hand on his arm possessively. They had been a couple it was obvious. He was trapped like a deer between the headlights.

I could have liked her, could have understood, if they had been something. I refused to let her ruin the past few days. I couldn’t believe that we … . I took a deep breath. If he wanted her then I’d go quietly.

I stood and he caught sight of my dress again. I hurt for her in that minute. I knew what it was to want him. His hand grabbed mine easily, lovingly. I didn't have to worry.

I looked at her extending my hand. “I’m Jenny.” I smiled. “We were just leaving. Maybe we can get together later and you can tell me all your Ripper stories. But I have a promise to keep. Coming darling?” I walked ahead my heart beating wildly.

Strange thing was I didn’t want to know not from her.

The steam was rising from the pavement, the air still fresh and sweet. I walked forward to watch the water. The wind played with my hair.

He walked up and looked at me. I could tell he was ready for something. I laughed, it was time to make him squirm.

I pushed him onto the wet bench and made my way onto his lap. “I love you Rupert Giles. You don’t have to explain anything.” He looked at me strangely.

“As long as she is in your past, what does it matter?” I watched his reaction.

“You continually surprise me Miss Calendar!” He said stroking my chin.

“Good,” I said as I started kissing his neck.
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